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  • Looking back, I can't believe we almost didn't have a wedding videographer (for budget reasons, but also because we're awkward and camera-shy). I am soooo glad we changed our minds and were able to find and book Videographer. Probably the best last-minute decision of my life.


  • My husband and I got a highlights video, an extended 15-minute video, and cuts of the speeches and ceremony. What we really liked about them is that they had us come in to do an in-studio interview, which added a layer of personalisation that we hadn't seen in other wedding videos.


  • Videographer does great work! Our wedding video looks amazing and everyone that watched it loved it. They are are great, they always answered my emails on time and tried their best to help with any questions me and my husband had. My husband and I both loved their work.


  • hey guys at Videographer provided us with a Same Day Edit on the day of my wedding. During my wedding the crew was friendly, respectful and very easy to work with. I could tell that they took the time and effort in producing a quality product.


  • I had so many friends and family compliment me on the great work of Videographer and after the wedding date asking for referrals. Considering their very reasonable cost and the excellent quality of their work. Such caring and wonderful people!


  • Videographer did such a great job with our same day edit video! From our first meeting to the day of our wedding, they were so great to work with. We felt very comfortable around them and they listened to our requests for our cinematography.


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